Sunday Market Far Far Away at Riversleigh Manor

The Duyfken – ‘In The Fog’

In the hour before dawn
with frost on the lawn
an image emerged from the fog
tied up at the wharf
all boats it did dwarf
a structure of timber and log
the legend is old, on a morning so cold
I captured this wonderful shot
in 2 degrees I feared I might freeze
Duyfken Dutch ship with the lot.

by Jenny Harris

Photographs like this stunning image of the Duyfken, moored at Port Fairy, are just one of the things that you will find on the tables at the Riversleigh Village Sunday Market. Prints of this image are available from Jenny Harris at the Wish House Port Fairy. You can contact Jenny to order poster size copies. Each copy is $110 postage included.

Make sure to visit regularly and do make enquiries about setting up a table of your own. Sunday festivities at Riversleigh are a joy to behold.